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Qualitative content analysis in media research

Journalism-Communication Thursday, 23:33 10-02-2022

Abstract: Content analysis plays increasingly important role in media research. Using content analysis techniques, researchers can explore, quantify and separate pieces of data by prominent concepts and then reorganize them in a meaningful order to describe and explain a phenomenon that requires an observational study. Although the practice of quantification remains an important goal in modern communication studies, researchers have begun to pay more attention to the goal of in-depth description of the meaning of the texts or the content of the messages in their relationship with the context in which they are created. Qualitative content analysis as such allows researchers to perform media content analysis at many different levels. This research focuses on qualitative content analysis in the field of journalism and communication.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 7-2021

Bui Thu Huong

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Press performs the function of social supervision and criticism – issues and solutions.

Press performs the function of social supervision and criticism – issues and solutions.

Journalism-Communication 00:06 17-08-2022 1 ngày trước

Abstract: Journalism is a crucial means of mass communication in social life. It not only reflects reality by delivering the most up-to-date and accurate information on current domestic and international issues, orienting information and public opinion, but also plays a function of social supervision and criticism. Moreover, in the context of national reform and strong international integration, the press’s role in providing information, orientation, social supervision and criticism becomes more important than ever. This article clarifies some theoretical and practical issues of the press in performing the function of social supervision and criticism as a means to promote socialist democracy and ensure people's roles as owners of society in the new situation.

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