Thursday, 18:29 10-06-2021

National essence - Influencing factor on the development of Vietnam’s traditional political institutions

Political theory Thursday, 18:29 10-06-2021

The birth of the state is often considered the mark for the beginning of civilization of each nation. Historical reality shows that in any country in the world, state only appears when the society develops to the point of class stratification. The birth of the state is closely related to the class society so the state bears in it the essence of the class. Vietnam is not an exception to the popular rules of humankind history and the class essence of the state is a common principle. However, it would be a mistake to take the common principle in place of the specific research. For the history of Vietnam - the history of a special country and nation, national essence has always been a prominent feature and an influencing factor on the Vietnam’s traditional political institutions. In this article, the author aimed to clarify this issue.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communications, no 11 (2020).

Duong Thi Thuc Anh

PhD, Academy of Journalism and Communication