Tuesday, 14:44 26-07-2022

Difficulties and challenges in online teaching and learning

Education and training Tuesday, 14:44 26-07-2022

Abstract: Teaching and learning in general and at higher education in particular are constantly changing in the recent period. With the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, online teaching and learning has now become the mainstream method in Vietnam and other countries. It is widely believed that online teaching should be considered as the main method that can completely or partially replace face-to-face teaching. However, online teaching involves many dilemmas that make it difficult to widely apply and replace the traditional teaching method. This article aims to clarify some of the problems encountered in online teaching and learning.

Source: Journal of Political Theory and Communication, No 3-2022

Nguyen Tuan Anh

MA, Academy of Journalism and Communication

Applying Ho Chi Minh thought, implementing Party’s lines and advocacies, National Assembly upholds role and responsibility to care for building culture and Vietnamese people in response to requirements of country’s fast and sustainable development

Communist Review - Being the agency that carries out the constitutional and legal rights, makes decisions on the important issues of the country and the supreme supervision of the activities of the State, the National Assembly through the periods has always done well the application of Ho Chi Minh thought, the institutionalization and concretization of the Party’s line in the building of culture and the Vietnamese people. Together with it, the organization, the mode, the style and the operation of the National Assembly are always the embodiment for the political and cultural values of Vietnam, based on the spirit of the rule of law, democracy, unity, humaneness, in service of the Fatherland and of the people.